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The 2 Instruments below are Clavinets, which are German made string  keyboards where the strings are plucked instead of struck, like on a piano.  This unique attribute gives the Clavinet it's characteristic funky sound.  These 2 beauties are known as "The Girls", and are always played together.  The black top D6 was a rescue from a cruise ship in the Mediterranean back in the early 2000's, and is named Ophrah.  The Bottom D6 with the woodgrain finish was purchased new in the early 1970's in California and is named Billy Jean.  Both have been refurbished by Peter Hayes (who did an outstanding job), then added additional mods by upgrading the pickups to hum buckings made by  These girls are run through a pair of Frankensteined Leslies, and multiple stereo vintage effects too numerous to list to get the "unique guitar-like grawl" while retaining the funky drive.

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